Personal Planning Day

Overview, outlook, balance

Turbulent times: artificial intelligence, robotics, sensors, changes that affect every person. Do you have the feeling that you are mostly controlled by circumstances and that you only react to impulses? Do you notice that everything is tiring you rather than encouraging you?

I invite you to take control back into your own hands from now on. And I’ll give you a concrete concept for this: the personal planning day: get a look back, gain clarity of the present and design a powerful outlook.

To do this, you leave your everyday routine and go through a structured process. At the end there is more clarity, goals that suit you and an increase in self-motivation.

I will carry out the planning day with you. As variants, we can work live and on site (also on Lanzarote!) or we choose an online format.

Dr. Burkhard Bensmann

(Subject to change, including content. As of: February 2024)

Four arguments for holding the planning day now

  • Planning in a compact form

    In one day you go through all the essential steps from looking back at the current situation to setting attractive goals.

  • Proven concept

    The format and content are pragmatic and tried and tested. You can integrate the methods, instruments and tips into your everyday management routine.

  • Sustainable effects

    If you carry out the planning day in a disciplined manner, you will create a tried and tested grid for the subsequent sessions each year.

  • Self-motivation

    At the end of the planning day, you will not only have developed a goal plan, but you will also have increased confidence and trust.

Contents of the planning day

Here is a quick overview of the key agenda items.


I always start with this point and I recommend it to you too. My “LdE”, the list of successes, is central to me. Then we check whether anything has changed or should change in your long-term vision. And we also take a look at your mission – it is usually stable. We also do the goal check: I will suggest target fields (if they don’t already exist) that you can check in retrospect.


A very important part of the personal planning day: Do you want to continue as before? What would be a completely different direction? What, if anything, is neglected? We take time together to pause.

Trend scouting

This involves systematically collecting, viewing and evaluating trends and developments that could have a direct or at least indirect impact on you.

The Fourfold Table: keep doing, do differently, do new, stop doing

The heading already explains what this planning step is about. Here I am based on the method that I also describe in my current book, “Self-Leadership: The Key To Being Productive”.

Check/Update: Conditions for my well-being

What are your basics for satisfaction? What conditions do you have to create for yourself so that you feel “well-being”? That’s what this part of the reflection and planning process is all about.

Update of your goal setting

Here I use the “1-pager” approach. This is a sheet on which you write down all the main goals you want to set for the year.

Concrete steps

We conclude the personal planning day by determining concrete development steps – these are personal measures with leverage.

Variants of the Personal Planning Day

I offer the planning day in German and English. And both either live and on site in one day or online in two time blocks of approx. 4 hours each.

You also have the option of carrying out the personal planning day on the lovely island of Lanzarote (Canary Islands).

  • Personal Planning Day AD analogue

    Personal planning day live and on-site, one day (approx. 8 hrs.)

  • Personal Planning Day OD Online

    Personal planning day online, in two blocks of approx. 4 hours.

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